Tournament prep a week out

So it’s been a tough long week or two at work, trying to fit golf in around the day job has been tough, it’s meant lots of early trips to the course. What have I been working on since the last tournament?

The full swing feels like it’s on track and I was definitely striking the ball well at Caversham. It was mainly short game and mental game that cost me shots. I had a great catch up with my coach Grant Price and we spoke about the work that needs to happen, we agreed that the way I could prevent myself being short sided around the green was to develop a strategy where I aimed at the middle of every green, the theory being you are never too far away from the hole if you do that. From 160 and in, so effectively a 7 iron distance for me, I would aim at the middle and shape it in to the flag. With that clear in my head the practice this week has been broken down into the following main areas: One technical session a week, where I work on the swing technique, one random practice session where I worked on hitting different clubs and shaping shots. The rest has been spent dialling my wedge numbers in and working on my chipping and putting. I had a great practice day where I had a flag at 100 yards and worked with 3 of my wedges hitting it close to that practising different shots with different clubs to the same flag, trying to work on my feel with wedges. Lots and lots of putting practice has taken place to. I got some really strange looks from the members when I was out on the putting green when it was absolutely hammering it down with rain. It was my putting day so I had to finish my session and I wasn’t leaving until I had holed 12 6ft putts in a row!!!!

I have continued with the strength and mobility work in the gym at David Lloyd and am really starting to feel the benefits of upping the weight and getting stronger week by week, Joe is happy hence I am happy. All of this on top of working a normal week on call at work, being on call leads to lots of disturbances at night for a whole week which means I am absolutely knackered at times. I seem to spend all my time at the course, at work or at the gym. But the hard work will all pay off. I feel the game is in great shape and I am looking forward to a week off work where I have a run of two tournaments on the Clutch Pro Tour at Old Fold Manor and Princes. I have also entered Open Regional Qualifying and cannot wait for that to happen. The dream of teeing it up at the Old Course in the 150th Open Championship isn’t over yet!! Heading to the London Club on the 17th May for a session with the Mindset Caddy, Nick Taylor. Then it’s off to Old Fold for the practice round and tournament prep. I am excited to tee it up and can’t wait to tell you all how I get on. The mantra in my head is the work has been done, I am in great shape and I belong on tour.

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