How to make technical changes stick.

As I sit and write this in the depths of a British winter, like most golfers I will be thinking about how I can make my golf swing better ready for the season. Making a change to a golf swing is one of the hardest things you can do especially if you have been playing for a long time. In this world of social media its easy to think your swing isn’t pretty enough or technically good enough and we all want to embark on a journey of technique perfection. I am going to issue a note of caution and some advice on how to do it right!

Tip 1. Know what you are working on, this may sound obvious but I see so many people on the range smashing ball after ball trying a different swing thought. My advice is to seek out a good swing coach. Either in person or on line, I coach on skillest and it offers so many benefits to my students. But the key is to find one you like, trust and can build a rapport with

Tip 2. Make small technical changes at a time. Its a fallacy to think in one lesson you can change all the habits you have built up for years. IGNORE THE BEFORE AND AFTER INSTAGRAM POSTS!!

Tip 3. Stick with it, the process of technical change takes time and it will look better before it feels better and both of those will happen before you trust it more on the course. The benefits are great if you make the right changes the right way.

Tip 4. Enjoy the journey, most people play golf for pleasure, don’t ever forget that this is supposed to be an enjoyable experience.

Tip 5. Watch my Youtube video on how to make technical changes stick.

Do this right over the next 3 months when your mates are sat on their sofa and I guarantee you will be taking their money come the summer.

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