I am a coach on Skillest so obviously I would say they do, I have seen so much progress from my clients on the app and I am excited to take the journey further.

If you have always thought online lessons aren’t for you and “surely they can’t work as well as in person”. Let me set out some of the benefits to online coaching.

How do they work? Well, in essence online lessons allow you to work with a coach remotely to improve your game. You upload a video of your swing. I usually ask for a down the line and face on swing normally filmed in slow motion, don’t worry I will teach you how to do this for maximum gain. That then allows me to analyse your swing and provided feedback on areas where I think you could benefit from working on to be the best you possibly can. You will also get personalised drills and feedback plus direct access to me. One of the amazing things about Skillest is the ability to message me directly at whatever time and moment suits you, add in photos or videos and we can explore your game in even greater depth.

On Skillest you can find a coach and teaching style that suits you, I always start off with a free no commitment zoom consultation where we explore your game and what you want to achieve. That’s the key for me, what do you want from your golf not what do I think you need. If you don’t think I am the coach for you then there is no obligation to buy. When it comes to pricing we all set our prices individually mine go from a single one off lesson to my unlimited monthly package which comes with unlimited lessons and access to a range of benefits including access to my actual personal trainers platform where you can get a load of mobility, strength and nutrition advice all of which will improve your game. Like a one-stop shop for game improvement.

What are some of the benefits? Contrary to popular belief I believe online coaching is more personalised as you get constant access to your Pro. The old style traditional lesson where the coach waves you away and says “see you in 4 weeks” just doesn’t exist on Skillest. The whole ethos of the platform and all the coaches on there is to build a relationship with you the player. You get an archive of all your lessons, drills and tips through the app so you can always refer back to it. How many times have you left your lesson full of confidence only to forget exactly what you have been told or asked to work on. You don’t get that here as all my students get to keep everything we send through the app to build up a repository of information and it’s also useful for watching your journey of improvement. You get to work at your own pace and have the lessons at a time that suits you. If you can only get to the range at 9pm that doesn’t matter, film your swing upload it and I will provide the personal analysis direct to your device. Rather than trying to find a slot in a busy coaches diary you can do it at a time to suit you.

Who should take online golf lessons? Well I believe anyone can but the three groups where I see the biggest impact are new golfers who have a ton of questions and don’t want to wait 2 weeks until they see their coach again, drop me a message and I will reply quickly. The other groups are those golfers that are super busy but still want to improve but just can’t find an hour on a Wednesday afternoon for an in person lesson. There’s no scheduling, just film, upload and wait for the analysis. The final group are those that don’t live close to a top coach. With Skillest you get access to some of the best coaches even if they are the other side of the world.

In person lessons still has loads of benefits and I would never say it doesn’t. However hopefully this information helps you realise that online coaching can have as many benefits, for some it may be better and still gives you the ability to transform your game and play the golf you always dreamed of. Online lessons are revolutionising the way we as coaches teach and interact with our players. Still not sure if it’s for you? check out a sample analysis that I have done with Joe below. If you still have questions connect with me on Skillest and you get a free upload with analysis and the ability to book a free Zoom call to see if online coaching could change your game for good.

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